Data Networking Solutions

Is your network running at its full potential and would you like to see a minor or major improvement?

A network is made up of a number of components and each component has the potential of becoming a bottleneck and slowing everyone down.

Most small businesses do not require fancy Gigabit networks, but depending on the type of work you do and size of files you are moving between computers or the internet for that matter will drive the need for having a good network infrastructure and we can help you with that.

The same applies to your internet connection. Are you getting the correct or best internet speeds for your location or have you reached the maximum speeds for your area and find that your business needs more speed, we can offer bridged ADSL network solutions or can run up to 4 ADSL connections at the same time via a load-balance router offering you both fail-over redundancy and improved speed as you could potentially quadruple your internet connection this way (please note that this depends on your location and capabilities of your local exchange and internet providers in your area).

If you feel that your network or internet connection is not running at full potential and want to validate this, we will be happy to talk you through a few speed tests you can run and can compare that with advertised speeds to see if you are at least getting close to the speeds you should be getting and can also do an audit on your network to isolate any problems and advise on what improvements can be made to speed things up a bit or a lot.