Structured Network Cabling

Are you moving into a new office and need data and voice cabling before moving in or are you in an old office and have outgrown your network cabling and need more network ports or all pulled out and to start over again?

Most office networks are not up to scratch or have been outgrown soon after moving in. Business growth is most unpredictable and you can always find another space to squeeze a desk in and put another network switch under the desk or run a cable from the opposite side of the room. Sounds familiar.

There are obvious health and safety or fire risks that need to be adhered to, but too machine Ethernet hubs and switched daisy chained together can cause a lot of network collisions on your network slowing it down dramatically to the point where it might even stop functioning and this is why ensuring that you have sufficient directly connected network or voice points are crucial for a healthy network.

We can run and number of points in virtually any type of buildings (subject to inspection) and will be happy to do a free site audit and offer a no-obligation quote on how to set things right or how to start over again or just to expand/extend to what you already have.